Civil Litigation

The majority of legal issues most people face involve civil disputes.  While many individuals and businesses may be intimidated by the complexities of the civil process, others may be completely unaware that they have legal options.  Chris spends the vast majority of his time working with clients in civil court.  Whether it’s helping pro se litigants fight their own cases or taking the reins on high-dollar personal injury lawsuits, Chris is able to help all sorts of clients with all sorts of issues.

Chris also focuses a large portion of his practice on helping business owners and hopeful entrepreneurs work through a variety of legal issues.  He helps clients with business formation, contracts, intellectual property issues, collection actions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate matters, and much more.  Having a passion for start-ups, nothing makes Chris happier than helping to turn crazy ideas into multi-million dollar businesses.  From formation to litigation, Chris takes the guesswork and stress out your legal issues allowing you to focus on new ideas and your company’s growth.

Practice Areas:

Real estate
Claims between individuals
Personal injury
Pro se trial preparation and coaching



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