Media & Communications Law

Closely related to the world of entertainment law, Chris also works with individuals and business in creative and digital industries. Prospective clients include inventors, advertisers, writers, publishers, media development companies, creative entrepreneurs, individuals with crazy ideas and everyone somehow involved in the areas of information, communication and technology. As a member of what’s been termed the “Creative Class,” Chris shares the same values, visions and motivations of many of those who he works with. New businesses today are breaking molds and embracing huge changes. Hire a lawyer who shares that same mentality in his industry.
Areas of Practice:

Business structuring and planning within entertainment and creative industries;
Intellectual property rights within entertainment and creative industries;
Film, television, and radio production;
Intellectual property;
Licensing and royalties;
Advertising, endorsement and sponsorship deals;
Digital media development and distribution agreements;
Television, film, and radio management agreements.