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US Copyright Office Suggests Performance Royalties for Sound Recordings

In a nutshell:  Those who perform on a sound recording may be able to collect royalties for radio play. The US Copyright Office just released […]

Wage Theft – The Basics

What is Wage Theft? Wage theft is the illegal underpayment or non-payment of wages owed to an employee.  Wage theft is by far the most […]

Band Agreements – A Closer Look

What is a Band Agreement? The band agreement is the cornerstone of the band’s legal and formal presence.  Band agreements are extremely undervalued and underutilized.  […]


10 Reasons You Should Have a Will

Let’s break the ice here:  100% of people die.  There, I said it.  It’s an unfortunate but unavoidable part of life.  If we can openly […]


How Much Do You Spend on Recorded Music Per Year?

Yealry Spending Habits of the Average American Beer – $306.71 Soft drinks – $205.05 Tobacco – $138.80 Dollar store purchases – $94.64 Credit card interest […]